Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Even good writers need help. These tools will help you improve your writing by making suggestions. Sometimes the suggestions don’t make the writing better, though, so you do need to understand the English language and grammar enough to read the suggestion and make a choice.


This is a great plagiarism checker and grammar checker. You do need to have a basic understanding of grammar yourself to use the tool, but it gives suggestions that might make your writing better. You can use this both online and as a plugin for your Word application.


This tool simply checks for plagiarism. It’s great if you want a one-feature helper that’s fast and easy to use. You can cut and paste each article into Copyscape to ensure it’s 100 percent unique.

Hemingway App

This online tool is free to use and will help you write bolder, clearer and simpler prose. You can use the desktop version or paste in your text in the online version. It tells you know if your sentences are too hard to read, if you use passive voice, and more.


If you fear that you overuse certain words, this word counter will list the words you use and count them. That way you can make sure that you’re not overusing any particular word. This will help you stay below that two percent keyword density that you seek.

Grammar Girl

This feature on QuickandDirtyTips.com is an amazing way to double-check whether or not you’re getting a confusing concept right. Just do a quick search and she’ll explain the concept to you in a way that you understand and don’t forget.


Use this online dictionary search tool to look in several dictionaries all at once. You will be positive that you know the right meaning for the word you choose to use with this online search platform.

Slick Write

This tool checks grammar, stylistic mistakes and more. If you want to know if you’re being redundant or using the same word too many times, it works great. Many of us have particular words that we like to use; this helps give new suggestions.


This online mistake checking tool will help you make your writing better by making suggestions that might work better. Again, you really do need to know what you’re doing to use this.

Writing mistake checking tools are important additions to any writer’s arsenal. Whether you use MS Word, Pages, or something else entirely, all of these tools can be helpful. Some are free and some have an upgrade. None are expensive. Try one new one at a time so you can learn it enough to get the most out of it.

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